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Dental Products: Precision and Innovation at Illusion Dental Lab

dental products

If you require creative, precise, high-quality dental lab products, you should only consider Illusion Dental Lab. This Lab distinguishes itself as a top supplier in the field with a dedication to excellence and a broad variety of services. It uses highly precise, clean, cutting-edge methods to prepare dental restorations. Illusion Dental Lab offers various dental services and products. This guide will help you understand what they offer and why it's unique.


Dental lab products play an essential role in providing the highest level of care to patients. Illusion Dental Lab is a trusted name in the industry that offers a wide range of dental lab products and services to meet the diverse needs of dental professionals. We use the latest dental materials and advanced technology to craft our products. We use innovative CAD-CAM workflows and thrive to deliver quality products and services to the dentist. We assist the dentist in focusing on the treatment and handle the patient on the dental chair without worry.

What is Illusion Dental Lab?

Illusion Dental Lab is a well-known dental lab that provides advanced dental products and services to dentists. Their products are guaranteed to meet the highest standards of quality and authenticity according to their facility's ISO and MDR certifications. Illusion Dental Lab is a leading name in digital dentistry, known for its advanced technology and creative dental products and services. 

What Are the Services or Products Offered by Illusion Dental Lab?

Illusion Dental Lab offers a wide variety of services or products to meet the various needs of dental professionals. Some of their primary services include:

  1. Prostheses Made of Certified Materials:

    Illusion Dental Lab offers prostheses made of certified and the latest dental materials. It guarantees the products' authenticity and quality.
  2. CAD-CAM Workflow:

    Illusion Dental Lab's CAD-CAM workflow offers accurate and precise restorations. They prepare their products with computer-aided designs and software.
  3. Solutions for Digital Dentistry:

    Illusion Dental Lab greatly contributes to the digital dentistry revolution. They are changing the face of dentistry with their very own intraoral scanner iScanPro. They use CAD-CAM workflows, unique design web portals, and software for flawless results.

Illusion Dental Lab Product Line:

  1. Illusion Zirconia Life:

    Illusion Zirconia Life provides durable and attractive dental restorations that are resistant to breaking and offer excellent aesthetics. Illusion Zirconia Life provides a lifetime international warranty. It comes with a signed quality certificate that assures its safety, strength and durability.
  2. Illusion Zirconia Premium Plus:

    Illusion Zirconia Premium Plus is a metal-free teeth replacement solution powered by BruxZir. They are known for their strength and beauty. It can be used for back teeth, screw-retained crowns and bridges, implant prostheses, single crowns, full arch bridges, inlays, and onlays.
  3. Illusion Zirconia Platinum:

    The platinum series offers high aesthetics as they are made with high technology. They are custom-made and employed as per the patient's needs.
  4. Illusion Zirconia Aesthetic:

    Illusion Zirconia aesthetic is a reasonable and metal-free option for teeth replacement. It is highly preferred where good appearance is a priority. They are made from premium pre-shaded blanks. They offer several teeth replacement options for the front and back teeth.
  5. Illusion Zirconia Premium:

    It is a metal-free crown made of a solid zirconia block that provides natural-looking teeth replacement options at an affordable price. It is suitable for full mouth back and front teeth crowns, full arch bridges, inlays and onlays, custom abutments, hybrid bridges, 3-unit Maryland bridges, and telescopic primary crowns.
  6. IPS e.max Crowns:

    These crowns are made of lithium disilicate glass-ceramic material. These crowns are strong, durable and last long. They are used for various restorations, including crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, and bridges. These crowns are highly recommended where appearance matters.
  7. G-CAM:

    G-CAM discs offer a biodynamic prosthetic solution that uses graphene nano-reinforced polymer. These discs are suitable for CAD/CAM processes and offer benefits like less risk of cracking and minimal shrinkage during the manufacturing process. 
  8. Smart POM:

    The PRESS ON METAL technique is a superior option to traditional layering. It provides a better and more accurate version of the traditional Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) method. They offer a better look and are made with CAD/CAM technology. It provides the perfect shape, size, margin and colour, similar to natural teeth.


These dental implants offer various modern solutions to cater to different needs.

  1. The Smart Abutment:

    It is designed digitally and can easily be given the shape and size of the desired tooth. They are mainly used for angled implants, aesthetics-focused implants, full-mouth implant treatments, and implant-supported dentures.
  2. Pink and White Abutments:

    These abutments are made of the most shock-absorbing material. They possess high flexural strength and are lightweight. These materials are more compatible with the body and can be used to make various types of artificial teeth.
  3. Screw-Retained Implants:

    These implants are fixed using metal screws. They help to secure the connection of the screw with the crown. They are removable implants and easy to maintain.
  4. Hybrid Dentures:

    Hybrid dentures are a type of dental solution that combines the best of both implants and dentures. They are solid and durable, like dental implants, and provide the comfort and the look of dentures. They look and feel like natural teeth. This combination makes them ideal for people who have lost all their teeth and are looking for a more permanent and stable solution for teeth replacement.
  5. Digital Dentures:

    These dentures are 3D printed and offer a modern approach. These dentures offer a perfect fit and are made with advanced technology.
  6. Overdentures:

    Implant-supported dentures use implants to make them more stable and improve chewing. They are a better option than regular dentures for people who have lost teeth.
  7. PEEK (Polyether ether ketone):

    These dentures are made of a material that's safe for the body, light in weight, and doesn't rust. They provide strength and a natural look for people who want dentures without metal.


Illusion Dental Lab offers a wide range of removables. They include the following:

  1. Digital Dentures:

    They are designed using advanced 3D printing methods. These items are made in such a way that patients need to visit the doctor only half as often as before, reducing the number of patient visits by 50%.
  2. Acrylic Dentures:

    They are traditional dentures prepared with acrylic materials. They are lightweight and offer a perfect fit at an affordable price.
  3. ClickFit Partial Dentures:

    It uses precision attachments to fit in the mouth precisely. These attachments enhance the look and comfort and provide stability. These dentures look better as they avoid using visible clasps.
  4. Click Flex:

    It is a flexible and detachable denture. It provides great flexibility and a natural appearance. These dentures are a dependable removable prosthetic option and fit in your mouth perfectly.
  5. Precision Attachments:

    These attachments are special connectors used in removable dentures. They provide a secure fit and help in the easy detachment of dentures. They increase the stability, appearance, and functions of your artificial teeth. 
  6. Cast Partial:

    These are custom-made and metal-free CAD-CAM dentures. They are suitable for all sorts of partial tooth loss. 

Other Products

Their other products include:

  1. Nightguard:

    Nightguards safeguard the teeth and the jaw from the grinding or clenching of teeth during sleep.
  2. CAD/CAM temporary restorations:

    We are offering high-quality temporary restorations made of Brylic. They come in multiple shades, shapes and thickness options.
  3. DIGITAL Mockups:

    Digital mockups are like computer-generated copies of dental treatments. They show patients how their teeth will look after the replacement. It helps them see the end results before the treatment starts.


Illusion Aligners are advanced orthodontic aligners that provide a faster and more comfortable way to straighten teeth. Illusion Aligners are a popular tooth straightening option as they provide several benefits over metal braces. They are made using cutting-edge 3D imaging technology and high-quality plastic sheets. These clear aligners are custom-made and are almost invisible. They allow patients to transform their crooked teeth without any hassle. They are removable and do not restrict your diet or routine. Illusion Aligners provide a set of aligner trays that gradually move your teeth to the desired position. One needs to wear the aligners for more than twenty hours a day and follow the guidelines provided by the dentist. Our aligners have a proven track record of successful teeth straightening cases.


Illusion Dental Lab provides anti snoring device that helps reduce snoring and enhance sleep. This special anti-snoring device is custom-made to provide a precise fit. They are convenient to use as they are flexible and lightweight at the same time. It gently shifts the jaw and widens the airway to permit proper airflow while you sleep. It is a simple device, suitable to wear all night because of its small size, low weight, and lack of visibility.

Illusion Dental Lab offers several benefits for dental professionals. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Broad Network:

    Illusion Dental Lab is a top-tier lab with a broad reach and specialisation. It produces effective and high-quality dental products.
  2. Reduced Chairside Hours:

    Illusion Dental Lab ensures that its workflow and products help reduce chairside time by providing accurate and flawless dental restorations. It also helps to improve patient happiness while saving time.
  3. Lab in Clinic Kit (LIC):

    The LIC, or Lab in Clinic kit, was introduced by Illusion Dental Lab to solve the issue of multiple patient visits for minor adjustments. This on-the-spot correction kit offers simple fixes and prevents patients from additional visits. Illusion Dental Lab is a reliable name in dentistry. It focuses on using precise and high-quality digital methods in dentistry. It helps dentists create top-notch dental items and use approved materials. It also assists in saving time and working more efficiently.

How Can You Buy Dental Products?

Our mission is to commit ourselves to providing our patrons with world-class dental products and services. We believe in a customer-centric approach and ensure you achieve maximum patient satisfaction. We always work to improve and change dental products to make them better. We aim to give our customers the best products and dental equipment to achieve great smiles.

You can easily buy dental products from us by getting in touch with our sales team or visiting our website. We've made it simple for you by accepting different payment methods like credit cards and debit cards. We ensure a hassle-free shopping experience with us.

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