CAD CAM PFMs are an upgrade to the regular PFMs.
Another promising product in the same category is an extremely biocompatible and lightweight product called porcelain fused to titanium /PFT. We are proud to say that we are the only lab in India to offer PFTs.

PFT is the only milled PFM and at Illusion Dental, we use 
• Titanium Grade V blanks from Scheftner (Germany) 
• Milled in our 5 axis Imes icore milling machine  
• Followed by layering dentaurum porcelain (Germany) to give you unmatched esthetics


Why choose PFT?
• The use of titanium makes them completely biocompatible
• Strong yet extremely lightweight whether it’s a single crown or full arch ( show element)
• As stated by numerous studies - the low oxide formation in PFTs gives you no grey discoloration of the gingiva over a period of time unlike other PFMs 



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