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Illusion Aligners
Illusion Aligners

Illusion Aligners!

India’s most trusted brand to treat misaligned teeth using clear aligners. Illusion aligners are invisible aligners created by thermoforming polyurethane or polyethylene terephthalate sheets containing glycol.

Why Illusion Aligners?



Illusion Aligners is the only Indian aligner brand that is US FDA 510(k) Certified. We have a noticeable presence in more than 50 nations and have so far transformed more than 2.2 million smiles!



Illusion Aligners are risk-free and safe to use in terms of short-term allergic responses and long-term adverse effects. Our products have received certifications for cytotoxicity, skin irritation, skin sensitization, and biocompatibility.

Innovative Design

Innovative Design

Illusion Aligners are fabricated using 3D technology, and we employ specialized AI software called iMODIFY to organize and execute the treatment. Our digital portal offers unbeatable outcomes while supporting treatment planning, virtual 3D setup, patient affirmation, and more.



Illusion Aligners are designed by our expert team of in-house orthodontists, who evaluate and plan therapy for each patient to deliver accurate outcomes.

What are Clear Aligners?

Illusion Aligners is a modern and hassle-free way of teeth straightening. These aligners are popularly known as invisible aligners or clear aligners. They are transparent and offer a discreet way of straightening teeth. Clear aligners can successfully treat mild to moderately crowded teeth and spacing issues. These teeth aligners offer faster, more accessible, and smoother teeth straightening than traditional metal braces. They offer a host of benefits for a convenient teeth straightening treatment. General Dentists as well as orthodontists, can easily provide teeth straightening treatment to their patients using Illusion Aligners.

Illusion Aligners is a modern and innovative alternative to traditional braces. The most attractive thing is that they are removable. Clear aligners do not restrict your diet as you can remove the aligner and eat comfortably. Aligner treatment helps maintain good oral health compared to traditional methods because of its ease of removal.

How can you get your set of Clear Aligners?

Teeth straightening is an orthodontic treatment that is prescribed by a General Dentist or a Specialist orthodontist. To start with aligner treatment, you must get your teeth examined at a dental clinic. If required, fillings will be placed, and other dental issues will be fixed before starting your aligner treatment. This is done to ensure the long-term success of your treatment with clear teeth aligners. The Dentist will then take digital scans or impressions of the patient's mouth. The scans are sent to the dental lab for preparing a customized set of aligners. These aligners are delivered to the Dentist or Orthodontist quickly to start your treatment process. Treatment time with dental aligners depends on the severity of each case. It differs from person to person. Generally, the treatment time is less than traditional braces.

How do Clear Aligners work?

Aligner treatment starts the day the patient receives a customized set of aligners. Clear aligners apply mild and constant pressure on your teeth, slowly bringing them to the desired location. These dental aligners must be worn for 22 hours a day for effective results until the prescribed treatment duration. Patients wear each aligner set for about two weeks before moving on to the next one. Once the teeth are set to the final position, the position needs to be retained by wearing a retainer as prescribed in the treatment plan.

Clear Aligners offer an effective and hassle-free teeth straightening journey. They are an advanced way to achieve the smile of your dreams faster and more comfortably.

Do you need Aligners?

Illusion Aligners is the solution for you if you have a misaligned, crooked, rotated, tipped, or malpositioned teeth and want to improve your smile.

How Illusion Aligners work!

Get a gorgeous smile with 4 easy steps!

If you are eligible for the treatment, your dentist will take oral scans and submit them to Team Illusion!

Visit your Dentist!

Sneak peek of the future!

Get a simulated preview of the result before the treatment even begins. Our software creates a virtual setup for patients.

Once you give consent to the suggested treatment, your dentist will execute the treatment plan as recommended by our team of orthodontists.

Consent & execution!

Get a box of smiles!

Your box of Illusion Aligners will arrive within a specific period. In a little amount of time, enjoy your enhanced grin.

Frequently Asking Question’s

When it comes to teeth straightening, choosing an option that suits your needs well is the best advice. Metal braces have been one of the most common ways to straighten teeth. However, they exert more pain and cause discomfort during your treatment. On the other hand, Illusion Aligners work faster than braces and straighten your teeth more comfortably. Unlike metal braces, aligners are transparent and removable. These aligners do not impose any diet restrictions, nor do they disturb your daily routine. Illusion Aligners are the modern way to straighten your crooked teeth and reduce the gaps in teeth. They come with added benefits that offer you a flawless smile in a discreet way. To sum up, it is advisable to follow the advice of your dentist to help you choose between braces or aligners.

Over the past few decades, clear aligners have become a common alternative for aligning or straightening teeth. Clear aligners have a proven track record of successfully treating mild to moderate malocclusion cases. Research indicates that while traditional braces and transparent aligners can effectively cure malocclusion, clear aligners are superior in segmental tooth movement. They give a hassle-free experience with complete control over tooth movement and gradually induce tooth movement. Hence, they are becoming more popular with both doctors and patients.

Yes. Illusion Aligners are less painful than braces and offer a comfortable tooth straightening journey. Illusion Aligners exert mild pressure on your teeth to move them to the desired position over extended periods of time. They are custom-made with smoother edges and fit teeth firmly, so pain is almost minimal. In addition, the transparent plastic trays do not cause any cuts or ulcers in your mouth, as in the case of metal braces. Illusion Aligners offers you a faster, more comfortable, and flexible treatment.

Yes, clear aligners can permanently improve your teeth's positioning. Clear aligners have the potential to achieve a lasting improvement in the positioning of your teeth. Consistent and proper wear of clear aligners throughout the recommended period is crucial for achieving enduring results. Adhering to the instructions is fundamental to attaining a beautiful and flawless smile. The desired outcomes and a transformed smile become apparent by the time you reach the final set of aligners. Finally, wearing retainers will be advised to maintain the correct alignment of your teeth.

Yes, teeth straightening treatment using Illusion Aligners can be easily provided by General Dentists as well as orthodontists. Our In-house orthodontists will help the Dentists in resolving any issue or query they might have at any treatment stage.

Yes, at Illusion Aligners, our team consists of skilled dentists, orthodontists, and certified dental technicians. They are dedicated to ensuring that the patients receive top-notch treatment from initial consultation to the completion of their care.

The cost of clear aligners varies according to the brand, treatment length, and case complexity. Clear aligners provide faster tooth straightening than others. Its removable design reduces the chance of cavities or tooth decay while helping to maintain good oral health during treatment. This, in turn, reduces the need for further dental appointments and speeds up the straightening process, lowering the total treatment cost.

In certain situations, noticeable results might be seen in as little as a few weeks within the 12-month average for clear aligner treatment. However, each person's experience will be unique, and the time taken in each case may be affected by the complexity of the case and it can last longer than the specified duration.

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