IPS e.max

IPS e.max
IPS e.max

The innovation in glass ceramics that changed the face of the esthetic dentistry. Lithium disilicate, the core of e.max, produces impressive results due to its true-to-nature esthetic appearance and its excellent flexural strength. With flexible cementation options, strong bonding to the enamel & durability, it remains one of the best smile makeover tools.

  • Exceptional optical properties result in life-like esthetics
  • Reliable 96% Clinical survival rate
  • Can be used for discolored, chipped, slightly malposed teeth or even crowns
IPS e.max


  • Trained and certified technicians to handle each case skillfully.
  • View mock ups in 3D web links made using Trusmile Technology
  • Available as e.max press and CAD
IPS e.max


Specification :
  • Veneers
  • Inlays & onlays
  • Anterior & posterior crowns and 3 unit bridges( upto 2nd premolar as terminal abutment)
  • Hybrid abutments and crowns
Material Composition :
Lithium Disilicate (Glass Ceramic)
Warranty :

Premium : 5 years
Platinum : 15 years
Life : Life Time

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