Digital Denture

Digital Denture
Digital Denture

Digital dentures are an unbeatable combination of superior materials and state-of-the-art technology that are here to elevate your practice to a new realm. Now, making duplicate dentures is as easy as a click of a button, with a precise CAD design and an assurance of same esthetics lifelong due to digital backup.

Digital Denture

Embrace the digital revolution with 3D Printed Digital Dentures.
This latest innovation gives you a golden chance to fabricate a perfectly fitting denture at record speed. With fewer appointments, it can be the most comfortable experience for the patient. Reduced clinical steps save a lot of your precious chair time too.
• MMA-free makes it odorless and tasteless- a boon for gaggers
• Excellent aesthetics with highly smooth surfaces.
• Tough due to increased mechanical, flexural and tensile strength
• Long term colour stability
• Highly biocompatible as it belongs to class IIa of medical devices
• No leaching out of the free monomer makes it permanently stable
• Greater dimensional stability

Digital Denture


Specification :

Complete Dentures
Partial Dentures

Material Composition :
Milled Acrylic Denture base + ivoclar teeth
Warranty :
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