Screw Retained

Screw Retained
Screw Retained

A perfect restorative option for reduced interocclusal space. 

  • Fabricated by employing CAD/CAM technology for precision fit.
  • A smooth finish guarantees a natural emergence profile.
  • Ideal for single crowns as well as bridges with multiple implants.
  • Clinicians can choose from Titanium or Zirconia to fulfil their esthetic requirements.
Screw Retained

Screw retained restorations have the following advantages
• Reduce the chances of excess subgingival cement usually seen with cement retained prosthesis.
• Minimal chances of peri-implantitis, bone loss and osseointegration failure.
• Quick final delivery can be achieved as the prosthesis just needs to be screwed with a hex and a rachet followed by closing the access.
• Reduced chairside time.
• Ease of retrievability that allows easy cleaning during the maintainance phase.

Screw Retained


Specification :

Anterior and posterior implant based crowns and bridges. Paulo-Malo Bridge for esthetic solutions in compromised angulated situations and raised VD.

Material Composition :
Titanium/Zirconia Hybrid and Co-Cr
Warranty :


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