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Understanding Dental Crown: Types, Materials and Cost



Dental crowns are a type of modern dental restoration that plays a huge role in restoring damaged, decayed, or broken teeth. Along with giving back the tooth its function, they also improve the appearance of the tooth. One such specific type of dental crown, known as the Zirconia crown, has gained a lot of importance in the field of modern dentistry. This is because of the multiple superior properties they have.

In this blog, we will discuss dental crowns and learn more about what they are, how they function, and their uses. We will also uncover the various types of dental crowns available in the market, including their different materials and uses.

Furthermore, we will shine a spotlight on the unique features and benefits of Illusion Dental Lab's zirconia crowns, giving importance to why they are preferred by both dental professionals and patients.

Understanding Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a custom-made cover or cap that covers and protects a damaged, decayed or weak tooth. It helps the tooth regain its normal shape, size, and strength while also improving its appearance. This important dental treatment strengthens the tooth and protects it from more damage. Depending on the material used, it can be tooth-coloured or metallic in colour.

Dental crowns have multiple uses such as restoring weak or damaged teeth, in cases of root canal therapy, in dental bridges, and to cover dental implants.

Types of Dental Crowns and Materials Used

Depending on the type of material used, we have the many types of crowns including-

All-Ceramic or All-Porcelain Crowns:

  1. Material:

    Porcelain or ceramic
  2. Characteristics:

    Ceramic crowns are well-known for resembling natural teeth and having a nice appearance. Their ability to have colour and translucency similar to that of natural teeth makes them an ideal choice for restorations in visible areas, such as the front teeth.

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) Crowns:

  1. Material:

    As the name states, it is a mix of metal alloy and porcelain.
  2. Characteristics:

    Being a mix of metal and porcelain, PFM crowns are long-lasting and resemble natural teeth. The base of the crown is made of metal, which provides strength and durability. The top layer is of porcelain, which gives the tooth great aesthetics. However, it's important to note that it has a chance of wearing down the opposing teeth.

Metal Crowns:

  1. Material:

    Metals like gold or gold alloy
  2. Characteristics:

    Metal crowns are well known for their strength and their ability to last long. Owing to their metallic appearance, they are easily visible in the mouth. Hence, metal crowns are great for back teeth because they last a long time, aren't visible, and don't require much of the tooth to be removed.
  3. Stainless Steel Crown:

    In kids, they are used to cover the tooth until it falls out.

Zirconia Crowns:

  1. Material:

    Zirconia (Zirconium dioxide)
  2. Characteristics:

    Zirconia crowns have gained fame all around the world for their unmatched strength, durability, and aesthetics. This material resembles natural teeth, offering superior strength and aesthetics for both back and front teeth. They also are non-toxic in nature and suit the human body.

Why Illusion Dental Lab's Zirconia Crowns Excel:

Illusion Dental Lab stands out for its success in the dental world, especially its premium zirconia crowns. These crowns are made using advanced BruxZir technology, which makes them incredibly strong, long-lasting, and attractive.

Each crown is created with great care and attention to detail, ensuring that it fits perfectly and looks natural in the patient's mouth. This dedication to quality leads to all the patients being highly satisfied with the results. It also ensures that crowns last long in the patient's mouth.

The Different Zirconia Crowns by Illusion Dental Lab:

With more than 35 years of legacy in the dental space, Illusion Dental Lab offers superior-quality dental products that come with quality assurance certificates and an international warranty. The quality assurance offered by Illusion Dental Lab is setting extremely high standards in the dental industry.

Their premium line of zirconia dental crowns is made using top-tier CAD/CAM technology and is made to meet a wide range of clinical needs-

Illusion Zirconia Premium Plus powered by BruxZir:

Ideal for back teeth that require maximum strength and durability. They are also used as full crowns for front and back teeth, as bridges for upper or lower teeth, and for dental implants.

Illusion Zirconia Aesthetic:

Provides excellent aesthetics and translucency, making it suitable for front restorations. It is made in such a way that it can easily match the shade of your natural teeth. They are also recommended as full crowns for front and back teeth, dental bridges, and implants.

Illusion Zirconia Premium:

Offers a perfect balance of strength, aesthetics, and affordability for a wide range of cases.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Dental Crown:

The price of dental crowns can change depending on factors like:

  1. Number of Crowns Needed-

    The number of damaged or broken teeth that require a crown affects the total cost. Crowns needed for a single tooth will cost less than for a three-unit bridge or more.
  2. Materials Used-

    The choice of material used, like metal, ceramic, porcelain, or zirconia, determines the cost. Materials like ceramic, porcelain, and zirconia can cost more due to their favorable characteristics and aesthetics.
  3. Extra Treatments-

    Some cases may need additional treatments such as teeth cleaning, fillings, extraction, or treatment of gum disease. Such treatments add to the overall cost.
  4. Dentist Experience-

    Experienced dentists charge more than new dentists, which increases the total cost of treatment.
  5. Clinic Location-

    Clinics in big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi may charge more than clinics in small towns.

Getting top-notch zirconia crowns from Illusion Dental Lab is worth it. They last a long time and look great, so patients are happy to have them. Even though they might cost more upfront, zirconia crowns are a good investment because they keep working well and looking nice for a long time, helping patients save money in the long run and offering them multiple benefits.


In conclusion, dental crowns stand as a shining example of excellence in modern dentistry. They are like the superheroes of teeth. They are strong, last for a long time, and make teeth look amazing. Dentists can count on dental crowns to solve all sorts of tooth problems effectively. Another point to note is that by embracing Illusion Dental Lab's zirconia crowns, dentists can open doors to even more success in their practices. They provide a reliable solution that patients can trust. They transform smiles and improve overall oral health.

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