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Illusion to provide international warranty on metal- free restorations and aligners

Illusion Aligners, known for its clear teeth aligners, have announced that it will provide international warranty on all metal-free restorations and aligners.

The company believes this move will become a game changer in this space as customers can get support regardless of whether they are in India or elsewhere. The company has also announced that customers can get fast aligner treatment (2x speed) along with an international warranty when they opt for Illusion Aligners PRO. Illusion Aligners claims its aligners are 55.55 percent faster than any other clear aligners.

Informing about this decision, Sameer Merchant, CEO of Illusion Aligners, said, “Giving warranty in the medical industry is rare and, since dentistry is thought to be about appearance, having warranty for your crowns, bridges and aligners which you can avail of anywhere in the world gives patients peace of mind. Dentists can now confidently tell their patients to set their teeth right anywhere and anytime with our International Warranty!”

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